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Limon, Cressida




Cressida Limon's main areas of scholarship and reasearch are critical and feminist legal theory, bio (and reproductive technologies), property and family law. Cressida holds a BA from the Australian National University in Biological Anthropology and History. She is a graduate of La Trobe University and the University of Melbourne and she has been a visiting graduate student at the History of Consciousness Department, University of California Santa Cruz. Cressida's PhD thesis, Genes, Biotechnologies and Legal Imagining: A Feminist Analysis of Intellectual Property Law (2012), explored the representation of genes as both legal and natural objects through the categories of invention and reproduction.

Cressida was previously a Research Fellow for the Family Law Council where she worked on a Reference from the Attorney-General on the laws of parentage and family formation. She has been a lecturer at the Victoria Law School (Melbourne) and a caseworker at the Tenants' Union of Victoria.

Cressida has been on the Editorial Board of the Australian Feminist Law Journal since 2001.


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Journal Articles

  • Limon, C, 'Myth of invention: Law and the ignorance about genetics', Australian Feminist Law Journal, vol. 37, 2012, pp. 51-64. Details
  • Limon, C; Ramshaw, S, 'The surprise of invention: Making fun of the statutory', Australian Feminist Law Journal, vol. 37, 2012, p. 41334. Details