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Allan, Sonia




Sonia has over 10 years' research experience in the fields of Psychology and the Law. She has also worked in both the mental health and legal professions. Her main areas of interest are biotechnology and the law, health law, and assisted reproductive technology and the law.

She was previously employed as a Policy and Research Officer at the Victorian Law Reform Commission to work on their reference on access to assisted reproductive technology and adoption. In this role she conducted extensive research on the regulation of assisted reproduction in numerous jurisdictions (including Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and New Zealand), produced papers for publication, consulted widely with community, practitioners and other interested people, and wrote numerous briefing documents concerning the social and legal issues surrounding ART.

She is currently undertaking a PhD within the Melbourne University Law School on Research on Human Embryos, Cloning and the Law.

Since 2003 Sonia has been a sessional member of staff at the University, teaching Torts and Legal Method in the Undergraduate LLB Program. She has also taught on the JD program (Torts and Legal Method and Research) for four years. She guest lectures in the Master of Health and Medical Law program, and has taught Fundamentals of the Common Law on the Melbourne Masters.


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